We’re here to breathe some much needed new life into the stale and costly ways of recruitment. Here’s how we do it. We offer a flat placement fee instead of forcing you to pay a whopping percentage of each employee’s salary. We offer a transparent and fair capped hourly fee on all freelancers/temps we place with you.

Flat Placement Fee

Finding the right people is one thing. Having to pay through the nose for it is another. Instead, we’ve introduced a flat placement fee on any employee we recruit on your behalf for permanent, contract and temp to perm roles. So you only pay us for the work we do, not a percentage of whatever the employee happens to earn. Sounds good, yes?

How it works

What is included in the flat placement fee!

  • we create a comprehensive job description for your job brief
  • check the current talent bank to see who we have that could be awesome for your role
  • develop the advertising and marketing plan – write and design the best job ad for the role and recommend the right advertising portal – Seek, Trademe, Linkedin, Stoppress, industry related websites/publications, talent dream jobs website plus social. (note: advertising rates are not included in the fee and are quoted for every job brief)
  • talent will manage all advertising response representing your brand in an ethical and professional manner
  • we will interview potential people and present a shortlist for you to consider
  • co-ordinate candidate interviewing with you and obtain feedback from both parties
  • complete two reference checks for the final candidates
  • manage the job offer – negotiation of the salary package, employment contracts and start date

Capped Freelance Fee

Freelancers/temps are a clever way to manage work, people and resources in your company. At Talent we have created a capped hourly fee that is transparent and fair. The rate for our clients is based on your job brief and project budgets. The rate for our freelancer is based on their expertise and skill level. We all know the deal and everyone is happy! You likey?

How it works

  • take the job brief to ensure we know exactly what you need
  • present the best person/people from our talent bank for the job 
  • organise any meetings/interviews or job brief handover
  • negotiate a fair hourly rate that works for both you and the freelancer/temp and add the capped talent fee
  • timesheet’s and payroll management is completed by Talent and you are presented with a simple weekly invoice to cost against the job
  • invoice payment (7) seven days to help manage both our cash flow