Contributing to the economic, social, and cultural growth of New Zealand is important for business. We believe employing talented graduates is the key to drive innovation and accelerate growth.

The Concept

We are Talent’s, graduate employment framework, propose to source talented New Zealand tertiary graduates, who have advanced skill and employability attributes required by businesses to further their economic development nationally and globally. Many employers are not fully aware of how to attract and retain the specific talent their business needs, to ensure optimal return is gained. Attracting graduates with the capability to work in a rapidly changing work environment is key if businesses are wanting to accelerate their performance and increase productivity.

Millennial Graduate

New Zealand has more graduates completing tertiary education qualifications than ever before, including a 23% increase in the number of students completing Bachelor’s degrees between 2010 and 2012 (Tertiary Education Strategy 2014-2019). Our graduates are younger and with this comes a different set of employment expectations for employers to figure out. Employers’ need to be receptive to the changing profile of these millennial graduates who expect:

– Employment opportunities that present new challenges
– Opportunity for advancement and progression
– Mentoring and professional programmes
– International experiences or exchanges
– Further training and development
– Flexibility with working conditions

In return the millennial graduate is more likely to exceed performance outcomes and stay with the company for longer.

Your Business

We know that hiring educated and talented people is one of the most important aspects of business growth, and costly if done wrong. In today’s market there is a battle for talent, and navigating this terrain requires experience and insight into millennial motivations. Employers’ can find it difficult to attract people with specific and transferrable skills because they are not aware nor connected with what our millennial graduates are expecting from their employers. Many businesses also want to work within the Māori economy, particularly to contribute to employment and economic advancement, and it can be challenging to find out where to start.

We are Talent have over 40 years education and business experience combined, and have crafted a solution to achieve better employment outcomes and link graduates to their first job. We are skilled at understanding tertiary education, the millennial graduate, and what a business needs to attract and retain them. We want to work with your business and introduce our graduate employment programme which is responsive and personalised to your business’s needs and goals.

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